Ball Boomer is coming back, this time in full 3D, and will be utilizing the Unity3D engine for the game in its' entirety.  The aim is to provide a visually pleasing game through 3D graphics and a twist in camera angles to make the game more interesting.

Comparing With The Old

Now you might remember the old Ball Boomer which you can check out a video of the remastered version I did about three years ago below. Compare it to the early development screen of in the top of this post and I think you will see quite the difference!

This new version will have a completely new 3D engine, so expect a lot of changes and upgrades to the gameplay in general.  The general idea for the game will remain the same though, with the goal of destroying all the bombs in a level to continue to the next!

Overall Vision

My goal is to host a couple small demo versions of the game in a windows build here on the site for play testing to get general feedback on what I can improve.  The goal is to create a much more robust game that can live both on mobile devices and desktops(consoles?) for quite a while.

Graphically I am wanting to create something pleasing on the eyes but not overly intensive so it can hit a wide variety of devices. The image at the top of the post is a general idea of what I am going for and what it currently looks like under development.

Stay tuned for more news, and videos as I will be posting some small dev logs on my progress!