Programming Bugs

I was hoping to have more information for everyone waiting on the playable test version of Ball Boomer, but this week and weekend have been a little busy so I have not put in as much work as I hoped.  Right now I am dealing with a bug where the collider is not being set on the created terrain, causing the ball to just fall straight through.  As you can probably imagine this makes it difficult to implement any other parts of the game.  The hope was to have this working so I could create the bombs and at least one simple tech, such as the bouncer, then upload a test version for everyone to give feedback on the physics and overall feel.

Since what we just discussed above did not happen this has put the schedule behind a bit.  I am hoping to finish it up towards the middle of this coming week, that way I can start to get some feedback on level ideas, and also tech ideas that could be implemented. One idea I have been playing around with in my head, are areas of "updraft" where the ball will be pushed up into the air, and also areas of "downdraft" where the ball will be pushed down.  This would allow for some creative uses of the bouncers and other tech I throw in. Let me know what you think  of this idea.

Well that is it for this update, keep checking back for more updates. Hopefully I have some images or a video to show off soon!