Ai Thoughts + Grass Ideas

Just to keep everyone updated since I didn't have a lot to show off over the past few days, I figured I would drop over here at the blog and leave a little update on a few things.

Enemy AI

I am in the process of switching it over to use a NavMesh, I think I can get better results with this versus what I am currently doing. Right now I basically am stepping through a set of actions until it detects a player nearby.  This is inherently bad I don't think, but is very finicky about movement, the NavMesh will allow me to limit the movement more easily.

Also a thought I am having for detecting the vision is basically use a ray tracing method from the enemies face and checking if the player is in view. By using this method the player will be able to sneak around the enemy.

Grass Is Hard

Since I am not using the built in terrain editing in unity, I am using polybrush to modify a mesh, this is making grass a little hard to get done efficiently. I am currently experimenting with either a simple grass mesh bundle, and having a texture rendered on plans.

Either way I go the placement of the grass is very odd so I am having to work through that to avoid weird patterns, or just too much grass causing the game to slow.  This will hopefully be a simple fix that I can figure out and keep the game running efficiently.


We are making good progress overall on the game, once I get these couple thing sorted out I plan to start work on the quest system. That will allow me to upload a few more videos to show off how it will work and hopefully some more demos of the games overall look soon!