Been Busy

Life has once again gotten in the way a bit lately, so development has slowed a bit, between work and some life changes it has been busy!  First bit of news that is taking up quite a bit of time is attempting to purchase a home, which seems to be siphoning away some of my free time. This should hopefully be done within the next couple weeks, then I can get back to development on Ball Boomer 3D.

Current status on the game, I am working on figuring out the best way for placement for the bouncers and other techs once I add those.  As of right now I have it like previous Ball Boomer games, but am thinking of doing a little bit of a change.  I am testing a few options and hope to arrive at a conclusion soon.  (May be grid/snap based, not sure yet)

So keep checking back here, I hope to keep updating the blog here, and should at least have a video within the month showing off some decent progress!