DevLog 01 - All The Planes & Water

Planes & More

I finally finished getting the rest of the planes to draw when creating the terrain! Currently I am locking you to a certain view, which means I don't have to draw the back or the opposite side from the camera.  If I decide to create more camera options I will have to adjust this and mimic what I am currently doing to draw the other sides of the ground platform that is created.

Overall I am pleased with the look and the placement of the trees and grass, though I may improve on these further into development.


Originally it was just going to be a floating piece of land in the middle of nothingness. But then I was thinking about it, why not just place water down also?

Well I am glad I did, because I think it makes the scene look about 15 times better!

Next Steps

Now that I have the water in place and am happy with it, and also the planes all drawing I can move on to a couple more gameplay related items.

First up I am going to work on getting the sphere and collider for the ground working correctly, it currently is not so the sphere just falls straight through the floor.

Then the last thing for the next DevLog will be getting some sort of clouds or other environmental assets to bring the scene together a little more. Thinking particle effects or something of that nature, but we will see what I come up with.