Starting To Look Good

Here with a quick update on how the game is looking, did a lot of adjustments on lighting and the sizing of the trees.Now that's starting to look a little more like a forest. #unity3d #indiedev #indiegame #gamedevelopment— Greg Froning (@GregFroning) May

Attacking Has Arrived

Got around to implementing the start of the attacking system, this is just a start but we have a few things so far: Multiple attack animations Varied attack damage Multiple attack sounds As you can see it still needs quite a bit of polish, but it is a good start!

How About Some New Effects?

Making some more progress on the overall look of the game, here are some changes at this current stage: Trees updated to look more low poly style Water Added (Along with a shader) Terrain Changes (low poly now) Different temporary skybox (default unity, working on a new one to match