Quick Little Tidbit

It has been a bit since I dropped by the blog and left an update on CUT progress.  The good news is that I am continually working on the game and making some great progress.

The largest changes are coming to things you won't necessarily see, but will help with the games performance and stability across platforms when the game is released.  Story is a big part of the game, so I had to do a rehaul as I previously have said, and it is really working a lot better.

Now I am to the point where I can continue work on expanded the world now that all the systems are in place and working as they should.  Once I get the world completed and all the story parts in place the final stretch will be working on polishing up the battle system as it is the last piece that really needs some solo work done on it.

PS. I should have a new video here soon showing off some updates!