We Have Movement

Yes it is time, I am back with another update on CUT after many long months, or was it years?  Being at home, ALL THE TIME, really didn't help with my motivation to work on the game. So I finally got back around to pumping some work into it!

I must say I have changed quite a lot, mostly due to finding better ways of doing things.

  • Started from a new scratch project
  • Exported important assets and scripts into packages
  • Imported those packages (character, scripts, enemies, etc.)
  • Started using internal Unity terrain editor for island
  • Cut hole in terrain and added Bobby's Cave Cove dungeon entrance
  • Player now starts in Cave Cove
  • Enemy AI fixed to actually wander correctly and animate
  • Added Player Roll mechanic/animation
  • Fixed player forward and backward movement
  • Changed game camera to use CineMachine for a much more fluid experience
  • New water
  • New grass
  • Better performance on mobile devices

I probably missed a few things I am sure, but I will be sure to share more as I get some more big developments in! Coming up next I need to fix player attacking, enemy AI chasing, quest system, wolf enemy, city, Mattias, and a few more NPCs.