GMC Game Jam Time

I have been slacking off quite a bit lately on the game development front, so I am finally jumping straight in again! The end goal is to hopefully after 96 hours have a fully working and realized game that I can release.The jam starts on May 28th, and I

Live Streaming Over On

I have been doing quite a bit of live streaming over on, mostly warzone but might expand into some other games I have been playing soon.Thought that teammates name tag was above the enemies name... oops.. #CallofDutyModernWarfare— Greg Froning (@GregFroning) March 17,

Little Oopsie

If you didn't notice, we are missing a few posts, in the process of upgrading the current version of Ghost, we ran into some issues. So I have restored from a backup and lose two posts that were previously on the site. You can still check out the text content