Mini Games + Covid Times

Development on a large quantity of my projects has slowed substantially, this is largely due to lack of motivation to work on them over the past couple months.  To fix this bit of a mental block, I plan on releasing a few mini/quick games I am going to development

Live Streaming Over On

I have been doing quite a bit of live streaming over on, mostly warzone but might expand into some other games I have been playing soon.Thought that teammates name tag was above the enemies name... oops.. #CallofDutyModernWarfare— Greg Froning (@GregFroning) March 17,

Site Updates

You have probably noticed things are moving around a changing around the site!  The site has needed some upgrades and updates over the past few months, so I am going through cleaning it up and making it look a little nicer.  Most of the updates should be done by the

Its Been A While...

You probably noticed it has been a while since there was a post, and also there were some issues with the site.  The biggest was some SSL and certbot issues which now have finally been solved after much trouble shooting!  I did have to remove some features to get it